With its distinctive fusion of Southern warmth, breathtaking scenery, and a thriving cultural scene, Greater Greenville in Upstate South Carolina entices visitors. The Upstate has a variety of counties, including Greenville, Anderson, Abbeville, Cherokee, Greenwood, Pickens, Oconee, Laurens, Union, and Spartanburg. Residents and visitors can enjoy a vast range of experiences in this region. Every county adds something unique to the overall character of the Upstate, from the vibrant streets of Greenville, the region's metropolis, to the serene settings of Oconee and Pickens.

Whether it's the energetic atmosphere of downtown Greenville SC's street festivals, the culinary delights of food and wine events, or the exploration of local arts, Upstate events cater to diverse interests. These gatherings celebrate the region's cultural heritage while embracing innovation, creating an inclusive atmosphere that reflects the spirit of the Upstate. From sports events to arts festivals, their events offer a dynamic tapestry of experiences, uniting residents and visitors in a shared celebration of community and culture.



Artisphere Festival in Greenville, SC, stands as a premier celebration of artistic expression, transforming downtown Greenville into a captivating open-air gallery. Renowned as one of the Southeast's most esteemed art festivals, Artisphere annually showcases the talents of local and national artists across various mediums, from paintings and sculptures to interactive installations. The festival's vibrant atmosphere extends beyond visual arts, incorporating live performances, culinary delights, and engaging activities for all ages.

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TD Saturday Market

Greenville, South Carolina's TD Saturday Market is a thriving celebration of the local food economy, community, and creative flare. This weekly market, which takes place on Main Street in downtown Greenville, turns it into a bustling center where regional farmers, craftspeople, and vendors come to exhibit their wares. Fresh produce, handcrafted goods, and artisanal sweets are just a few of the many high-quality, locally sourced goods available at the market. In addition to being a place to shop, the TD Saturday Market offers a lively atmosphere with live music, entertainment, and an opportunity for locals and tourists to interact with the manufacturers and creators of the goods.

Photo by Greenville Journal


Gallabrae Greenville Scottish Games

Gallabrae Greenville Scottish Games transport attendees to a world of Scottish heritage and traditions against the backdrop of the stunning Upstate. Set amidst the lush greenery, this annual event showcases a captivating blend of athleticism, music, and Scottish culture. From the exhilarating competitions of caber tossing and hammer throwing to the enchanting sounds of bagpipes resonating through the air, the Gallabrae Games offer a unique experience that brings together both the local community and visitors in a celebration of Scotland's rich history. With vibrant kilts, lively dance performances, and a festive atmosphere, the event captures the spirit of the Highlands, making it a highlight on Greenville's cultural calendar.

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Greenville Jazz Fest

Jazz fans and casual listeners alike are enthralled by this festival's silky tones and rhythmic beats, which completely shift the mood. The Jazz Fest transforms into a celebration of Greenville's cultural diversity as the sun sets, drawing locals and tourists together to take in the soulful tunes and amazing improvisational skills of gifted jazz musicians. The Greenville Jazz Fest is an experience that captures the spirit of this vibrant Southern city, enhanced by the enthusiasm of the audience and the backdrop of city lights.

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Euphoria, the celebrated culinary and music festival in Greenville, South Carolina, is a gastronomic journey that transcends traditional boundaries. Set against the backdrop of Greenville's charming downtown, this annual event brings together renowned chefs, talented musicians, and enthusiastic food lovers for a weekend of unforgettable experiences. From exclusive dining events that showcase the culinary mastery of local and national chefs to engaging cooking demonstrations, tastings, and live performances, Euphoria is a sensory adventure that celebrates the Upstate thriving culinary scene.

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Fall for Greenville

Held annually in the heart of downtown Greenville, South Carolina, is a captivating celebration that transforms the city into a lively culinary and cultural haven. Drawing thousands of visitors, this vibrant street festival showcases the region's rich gastronomic scene with offerings from local restaurants, live music performances, and family-friendly activities. Attendees revel in the delightful aroma of diverse cuisines, savoring delectable dishes while enjoying the lively ambiance created by a lineup of talented musicians.

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Spring Festival, Abbeville, SC

Discover the charm of Downtown Abbeville at the Annual Spring Festival held on the square! From exhilarating amusement rides to live music and a variety of entertainment options, there's something for every member of the family to enjoy. Be sure to peruse our schedule and organize your day to make the most of the festivities. 

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Freedom Festival, Greenwood, SC

The Freedom Festival, Greenwood's premier community gathering, attracts over 50,000 attendees to Craig Park each summer, creating a vibrant celebration of the American Spirit. The highlight of the event is Indiana's finest fireworks display, taking place on the last Saturday in June.

Photo by City of Greenwood


Summer and fall concert series, Greenwood SC

Throughout the summer months, specifically on almost every Saturday evening from June to August and September to October, the Greenwood Amphitheatre in Craig Park becomes a lively gathering place for hundreds of Greenwood residents, visitors, and their families. They come equipped with lawn chairs, blankets, and coolers filled with snacks to revel in live performances that cover a diverse range of musical genres.

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Pickens Azalea Festival, Pickens, SC

Experience the joyous celebration in Pickens, South Carolina, as the town comes alive with the vibrant hues of blooming azaleas. For over four decades, friends and family have reunited for the grand spectacle known as the Pickens Azalea Festival, marking one of the Southeast's largest family gatherings. Embrace the festivities during our two-day event, held annually on the last weekend of April. Immerse yourself in the family-friendly atmosphere, savor flavors from across the Southeast, and enjoy musical performances from talents spanning the nation.

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The Great Anderson County Fair

As the largest Fair in the upstate region of South Carolina, The Great Anderson County Fair attracts over 75,000 people annually. This annual event promises a memorable experience for all. From exhilarating rides and games to mouthwatering fair treats, the vibrant energy of the fairgrounds is contagious. Families and friends come together to enjoy the festive atmosphere, explore an array of attractions, and revel in the joyous spirit of community.

Photo by The Great Anderson County Fair


Spartanburg International Festival

As a focal point for investments from global enterprises, Spartanburg stands out as an international hub, boasting a resident population hailing from over 75 countries and hosting over 100 international businesses. In recognition of Spartanburg's worldwide allure and the resulting diversity, the City of Spartanburg initiated its inaugural International Festival in 1985. Over the years, this festival has evolved into one of the city's premier events, drawing an annual attendance of more than 12,000 individuals. Attendees gather to revel in the celebration of diverse world cultures, indulging in a rich tapestry of experiences that include culinary delights, musical performances, dance, folk art, and much more.

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Spring Fling, Spartanburg, SC 

During Spring time, Spartanburg celebrates the annual Spring Fling. With four stages full of nonstop entertainment as well as a variety of zones and attractions, this exciting event is sure to please everyone. Musical performances are scheduled throughout the day, and the streets will be adorned with dozens of food and beverage vendors, rides, and games for all ages.

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Spartanburg Greek Festival

This annual event showcases the warmth and hospitality of Greek traditions, offering attendees a delightful experience filled with authentic cuisine, lively music, and traditional dance performances. The festival grounds come alive with the enticing aromas of gyros, souvlaki, and baklava, tempting visitors to indulge in a culinary journey through the flavors of Greece. Attendees can immerse themselves in the festive atmosphere, enjoying live entertainment, colorful folk dances, and engaging cultural exhibitions that highlight the unique heritage of this ancient civilization.

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Greater Greenville Upstate South Carolina offers a rich experience, blending Southern hospitality, natural beauty, and a vibrant cultural scene. From the energetic atmosphere of downtown Greenville to the serene landscapes of Oconee and Pickens, each county contributes to the collective identity of the Upstate. The region's diverse events showcase a celebration of community and culture. These gatherings not only honor the area's cultural heritage but also embrace innovation, creating an inclusive atmosphere that unites residents and visitors alike. The Upstate festivals and events serve as dynamic expressions of the region's spirit, offering unique and memorable experiences that reflect the essence of this dynamic Southern community.


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