A Proven Repeatable System to Sell Your Home in Less Time and for More Money than the Average Agent.



We give personal attention to our buyer and seller clients. We use effective systems that are proven, delivers results for our clients. Some people around here think that listing your home with an agent from one of the larger brands will guarantee that their home will sell. This is so far from the truth. It is the systems that we have put in place to market your home, that is what gets the job done. We don't care whether we are selling a $50,000 or $1,000,000, we implement the same marketing system every time. This takes the guesswork out of marketing your home.

What most Agents Do...

  • Advertise themselves
  • Bang a Sign in your front yard
  • Create an ad for the paper (maybe run it)
  • Download your listing in the MLS
  • Encourage their office to show your home
  • Figure they might try an Open House
  • Get on their knees and pray that your home will sell

These antiquated method is the way real estate has been practiced for the past 100 years, and unfortunately is still the way many agents operate today. These traditional methods have proven to less and less effective... especially in the current housing market. Our Guaranteed Marketing System has produced results for Home Owners throughout The Greater Greenville Upstate South Carolina area. We take the team approach and use a proven modern proactive system that aggressively markets your home to get it sold quickly and for top dollar. We specialize in seeing you through the transaction, giving you expert advice, and representing your best interest every step of the way until the successful completion of the sale. We work in an environment that demands quality service and guaranteed results. Each person on our team has a specific responsibility to you, our client, in the process of selling your property. Our team makes the possibility of getting your home sold fast and for top dollar as REALITY.

STEP 1 – ANALYSIS We sit down with you to understand your concerns, then review your home to determine what the most outstanding features are, and what areas may need some staging in order to sell faster and for top dollar. As you know, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

STEP 2 – PREPARE & SHOWCASE We schedule a consult with you and an Expert Staging Professional when needed to help prepare the home so that it will make the best first impression when buyers see it online and during buyer showings.


STEP 3 – MARKETING & ADVERTISING Our approach to getting homes sold has been proven successful with homes in all price ranges. We take professional photographs and video tour of your home to use for marketing. Our multiple media sources are proven to effectively and aggressively advertise your home to the most amounts of qualified buyers and to all the real estate agents in the Upstate South Carolina multiple listing systems. There are 3 types of buyers: in town, out of town, and buyers that are already working with other agents. Does your Realtor market to all the buyers or just a few? Does your Realtor expose your home to all the Realtors or just a few? In order to get the best offer on your home, make sure your home is marketed on all three levels.

STEP 4 – DESIGN & DELIVER Marketing your home is our responsibility... we will design advertisements, sell sheets, emails, flyers and signage that will deliver the best message about your home. If there is something specific you want us to develop for your property, just let us know.

STEP 5 – MEDIA MARKETING Our media sources are proven to effectively and aggressively advertise your home to the most number of qualified buyers.


STEP 6 – OPTIMIZE YOUR LISTING It’s not just about taking a listing, any agent can take a listing – It’s about getting it Sold. Here are some of the highlights of our ultimate Home Selling Strategy... 1) List your property’s special features and attributes 2) Professional Listing Photography 3) Aerial photography (where necessary) 4) MLS Listing Optimization 5) Listing in up to 3 MLS Systems (Greater Greenville, Spartanburg and Western Upstate) 6) Email Broadcast Blast to Buyer Contacts 7) Signs (if allowed) 8) Video Home Tours 9) Virtual Tours 10) Internet marketing websites including social media 11) Property Website 12) Aggressive online marketing – Hundred’s of websites 13) High-tech electronic secure lockbox 14) Targeted Marketing 14) Targeted Marketing 15) Coming Soon Marketing 16) Our proven system of verbal marketing methods 17) Direct contact with VIP Buyers 18) Regular Feedbacks and Updates 18) Regular Feedbacks and Updates Proven Programs: Innovative Consumer Programs Aggressive Advertising Programs Leading Edge Technology Programs 


STEP 7 – SHOWINGS & AVAILABILITY Our team is available to take the buyer calls and handle the showing requests from our websites. Our Appointment Call Center is available during the day and 24-hours online to handle the agent showing requests on your home so we don’t miss any showing requests.