Sept. 15, 2023

Greenville's Culinary Wonderland: A Foodie's Dream Destination

Nestled in the heart of South Carolina, Greenville is a city that has been quietly making waves in the culinary world. With its vibrant food scene, diverse gastronomic offerings, and a commitment to locally sourced ingredients, Greenville has become a foodie's dream destination. In this article, we'll explore ...

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July 27, 2023

Greenville's Artisphere Festival: Celebrating the Finest Arts and Crafts from Across the Nation

Photo by Ten at the Top

The Artisphere Festival and its significance in celebrating arts and crafts

Artisphere Festival stands as a vibrant testament to the power of art and craftsmanship, bringing together the finest artists and artisans from across the nation. With its enchanting ...

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July 10, 2023

Unveiling Greenville, SC's Cultural Tapestry: The Thriving Arts Scene of Theatres and Galleries

Photo from Peace Center for the Performing Arts, Greenville, SC

Greenville, South Carolina, a city nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, is not only renowned for its natural beauty and Southern charm but also for its vibrant arts scene. With a flourishing community of artists, performers, and ...

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April 4, 2022

Spring Easter Egg Hunts in Greenville, SC

Are you looking for the best places for an Easter Egg hunt in greater Greenville, SC? Surely, everyone is excited about this classic tradition that comes every year. So, we have decided to make a list to help you find easier what you're looking for.

Spring Easter Egg Hunts in Greenville SC

Here is the list ...

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Feb. 6, 2019

Great hikes & State Parks in SC

South Carolina is a wonderful state to enjoy mountains, grassy lowlands, river-ways, and ocean beaches. The weather has gotten beautiful- so let's go out and enjoy it!

black car side mirror showing palm tree during daytime
With little cost and effort, you can go on weekend getaways to Myrtle Beach or Charleston in less than three hours. If ...

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Jan. 31, 2019

Factories to Fabulous- Greenville SC Revitalization

grey concrete high-rise building during daytime

Greenville, SC has been steadily improving for over a decade providing an improved quality of life for its residents. The growth of the Upstate is proof that by bringing creativity and talent from all over the world, visionaries will breathe new life to forgotten spaces. It is remarkable how much ...

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Oct. 2, 2018

Fall Fun near the Greenville Area : Apple Picking, Pumpkin Patch, Corn Maze and More!

Fall is my favorite time of year because there are so many different things to do. The temperature starts dropping, the sweaters come out of the closet and don't forget the pumpkin spice latte's! Fall is also the time for apple picking. Not only is it fun to ...

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Sept. 18, 2018

Halloween Events around the Greenville Area

Can you believe that Halloween is just a month away! I was walking into the store the other day and saw the Halloween costumes already out and I couldn’t believe how fast this year has gone by. There are so many fun events around the Greenville area to celebrate Halloween ...

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June 12, 2018

4th of July Fun and Events around Greenville SC

    Are you looking for somewhere fun to watch the fireworks for the 4th of July? The area of Greenville has it all. This year the 4th of July is on a Wednesday, so for those who don’t want to stay up late and work the next ...

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May 8, 2018

It's Farmer's Market Season in Greenville South Carolina


There is an ongoing movement to gather, invest, and thrive in the local community. Some would state that this movement is "going back to your roots," and that those roots are embedded through our local businesses, including farms. Spring and summer are the seasons that many venture outside of ...

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