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When purchasing a new home, everyone has two choices: buy/build new or purchase an existing home. Both are great options and for this article, we will be diving into new construction and what to consider. New construction companies in Greenville, SC offer various floorplans, incentives, and more to their buyers, making it a great option when purchasing a home.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Builder

Building a new home may seem daunting at first, but with today’s technology and processes the journey can be fun and enjoyable. Although the homebuilding process has many steps, a good builder will have a plan and be capable of answering all of your questions along the way. No one likes surprises, especially when building a home. When choosing a new construction company to build with there are a few key factors to consider.

  • Reviews, reviews, reviews. What does the community think? check with friends, family and colleagues. 
  • Will there be a builder representative on site and if so what days and times.
  • Transparency in pricing for the build, additions, incentives, etc.
  • How will communication be done throughout the process: in-person, virtually, and how often.

New Construction Benefits

Your house is not only your home but your investment. When considering a new construction home, many think it is more expensive than purchasing a pre-existing home. Ultimately, a homeowner will benefit from the following when purchasing a new construction home.

  • Energy efficient
  • Low Cost Maintenance
  • Warranty Protection
  • Modern designer packages 
  • Buyer's incentives
  • Community amenities
  • Move-In Ready

Recently we have toured several floorplans and have created video walk throughs that we will be releasing this month in a New Construction Blog series. Our next article will dive deeper into the benefits of a a new construction home and why those benefits make them a favorable choice in any home search. For more information on new construction homes in the Greater Greenville Upstate South Carolina area, give our team a call at PRODUCER Realty.