In our New Construction 101 series we have covered builder incentives, design tips and tricks, benefits of a new build home and what to consider when choosing the new construction route.

Our last topic in this series is the most important, and explains why you should have a realtor by your side when purchasing a new construction home. Below we will discuss your realtor's role and what they should be doing for you through out the process from start to finish.

My Agent's Role in the New Construction Home Build Process

The decision has been made to go with a new construction home, but now what? You've visited the model home, met a sales agent that works for the builder, and the whole process seems pretty straightforward, right? When shopping for a new build home, it’s very beneficial to hire your own agent to help you through the following:

  • Help find the right builder and community
  • Advocate for your interests and needs
  • Negotiations and helping you watch the bottom line
  • Help you find a lender and home inspector 
  • Keep you updated throughout the build

Finding the Right Builder 

In our first blog, New Construction 101: What to Consider we discussed what to consider when choosing a builder. Having a real estate agent helps tremendously with finding the right builder because they have most l likely worked with several in the area and are aware of building styles, timelines, incentives, etc.

Not all builders are the same when it comes to certain design aesthetics, locations, communication and more. Experienced agents who have new construction knowledge can point you in the right direction regarding price, community and building style. A buyer's agent can be a great resource for asking the right questions so you can choose the best builder for your new home.


Advocation when building a new construction home is imperative. The builder's agent would be more than happy to help you, however the key factor is that they work for the builder and the builder's interest will come first.

Just like any other real estate purchase, there is a seller and a buyer's agent. When you have your own agent, you can rest assure that you are being represented solely and that your needs are going to be met first.

Assist with Negotiations

When buying a home, any home for that matter, there is no shortage of paperwork. Contracts, inspections, appraisals, home warranties, incentives and more will pile up the paperwork in no time. And who better to help you than a buyer's agent. They can help keep track of everything, as well as find you the best deal and handle negotiations. Also, they can help keep you updated on the phases of construction and be aware of any delays or issues that may come up during the process.  

Help and Recommendations

When you're building a new home, it can be easy to get caught up creating your dream. From home inspections and builder walk throughs to finding a preferred lender, a realtor can help with many things. This is especially true if you are not from the area. As for upgrades, an agent can help you make the right decisions regarding resale of the home in the future. 

It's very easy to over improve a property, so having a realtor by your side can keep the value and cost of the home on track. Since your local realtor knows the area and the appreciation that has taken place regarding real estate over the past few years, they can help to show you the investment potential of your purchase. 

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