Initially known as Mayberry Park, this green space was created to serve the residents of the Southernside neighborhood. Since its groundbreaking in the early 20's, this park evolved into many things over the years that ultimately did not serve the community properly. As time marched on, the promise of a true park for the Greenville city residents seemed unattainable.

When the park was originally planned, it was the third park behind Cleveland and Falls Parks to be built in the Downtown Greenville area to preserve the city's namesake, and allot "green" spaces for residents to enjoy. From 1907 until 2007, both Cleveland and Falls parks were planned and built. The last, park, Hudson Athletic Fields became Mayberry Park in 1925. 

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Fun, Fitness, and Food


Over the last century, the birth of Unity park was a promise 100 years in the making. Playgrounds, walking trails, restaurants, and more have come together to paint the landscape off off Mayberry Street. The river runs through this historical site flanked with older buildings that have been turned into a food hall and breweries.

The winding paved trails lead to a recreational play area that features a splash pad, swings, and natural landscaping and bridges. Residents can stroll or bike the Swamp Rabbit Trail which also runs right through the 60 acre park. Below we have listed the food spots that dot the park along the river.

1. The Commons

This open food hall houses some of the most delicious food. From kimchi hotdogs to tacos, baked goods, coffee, beer and wine, the Commons is the perfect place to meet friends, fly solo, or have a business meeting.

2. Pangaea Brewing Company

People bringing people together is what this place is all about. Bring the pup and sip on a cup of kombucha, craft sodas, beer or wine. With a full wood fire kitchen kitchen you will catch them serving up some yummy pizza and salads, and a hummus that is out of this world. 

3. Southernside Brewing Company

If you want a good southern meal that will make you smack your granny, then this is the place to go. Chicken sammies, beer that is creatively crafty, and cocktails, Southernside knows their stuff. They have plenty of room indoors and out to feed and entertain the masses. 

Unity Park is a fun spot to be on the weekend during the warmer months. You will see kiddos playing in the splash pad or exploring down by the river, cyclists, runners, and folks roller skating. 

Looking to the Future


Unity Park is just the beginning of what is to come for the area. Several other developments that are also happening in and around the neighborhood include: 

Southernside Senior 1: This project is a new senior housing complex that will provide affordable, high-quality housing for older adults in the area.

Southernside Senior 2: This second senior housing complex will provide similar amenities to

Oscar Apartments: This project includes the construction of new mixed-income apartments that will provide affordable housing options for families and individuals in the community.

Lighthouse Unity: This project is a new community center that will provide various services and resources to residents, including education and job training programs, health services, and social services.

The Delano: This project is a mixed-use development that will include commercial space and housing, providing new opportunities for businesses and residents in the area.

All of these projects aim to create a more inclusive and equitable community in Greenville. Unity Park in Greenville, South Carolina, is not just a park but also a symbol of hope and progress for our community.

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