New construction homes for sale in Greenville SC present a blank slate that a home owner can design in any way that they want to fit their lifestyle. Are you thinking of building a new construction home and wanting more information on how to make the most of your visit to the design center? Well this blog will give you all of that info and more so that you can make your mark on your new home with confidence. Keep reading below to learn essential design tips for new construction home.

Plan it Out

Having a plan in place before your design meeting will not only help you find your décor direction, it will enable you to really get an idea of what your style is and the money you want to spend. First, determine how much money you have to spend. Next, know the size and layout of the floorplan.

With those two things known, you can move into the exploration phase of your plan and find your sense of style. Consider creating a design board, or mood board. These boards will help you stay on a path and give you a visual representation not just for you but for your new home consultant sales member. 

While in the planning stage, try not to make too many purchases or any at all preferably. While it might seem like a good idea to buy that sofa you just fell in love with at the furniture store, hold tight to ensure you can find all of the décor elements you want to go with it.

Paint: Now or Later

Most often your new construction home will have a paint package that will include several colors for various rooms and accent walls. Although it may be hard to hear, it is actually best to wait to paint. Homes need to settle for best results. New home owners should plan on painting a year to two after construction is completed.

If you do choose to paint so that the home can be move in ready, just know that you will want to ask the builder to leave behind some extra paint for touch ups. Remembering that everything is brand new, and walls and floors are shifting and settling, repainting and touchups won't come as a surprise with this knowledge in hand. 

Furniture and Aesthetics

As we mentioned above, purchasing furniture too soon could be counterintuitive as well as costly. When designing a home, you will want to consider your anchor pieces carefully. Anchor pieces include:

  • Couches
  • Dining room sets
  • Beds

The first step in furnishing a new home is to take inventory what you already have. There may be several pieces that will easily translate into the new space. Write out a list for each room in the home so you know what and where each item is planning to go. This list is best created in the planning phase.

When purchasing furniture keep in mind the lead time in which the item will arrive. An finally measure, measure, measure. Knowing the measurements of your room as well as the furniture you are considering is imperative to not making costly mistakes, and then having to deal with the hassle of returns.

Measuring will also come in handy when considering window treatments. Some new construction homes come with a blinds package. If curtains will be considered, measure the length of windows and how high to hang the rods can easily be done with the assistance of most home improvement store consultants.

However, with a notebook, measuring tape, stepstool, and visuals, you can easily complete the task yourself. If this is something you would rather leave to a professional, be sure to ask what is included in the windows package when designing your new home.

Customization is Key

As one of the biggest pros to buying a new construction home, customization is a major plus. If it fits within your budget and make s money sense, swap out the builder's grade options. From door handles to trim and more, customization can be a great way to really add your own touch to the build. 

Customizing light fixtures, faucets, or cabinets can really add an elevated look to any home. If it makes sense for you and your wallet and is a task you would rather not tackle in the future, consider customizing your new construction home.

Remember, changes don't need to happen at once. Whether its painting, upgrading the flooring or changing out handles, expect the process of decorating a new construction home to take a few years to be "perfect". 

It is important to have a real estate agent by your side to go over all upgrades, incentives and to look out for your best interest when purchasing new construction. Have questions? Contact PRODUCER Realty Team at 864-438-5050.