Are you a pet owner? Are you moving into the Greater Greenville SC area or moving out of the state? If you are, you probably realize that moving with your lovely pets could be stressful. Animals are very intuitive when it comes to changes, so pets often need extra attention to reassure them during a move. So, we'd like to share some tips to help you move with your pets the easy way.

Moving with Pets: The Easy Way

A - Avoid changing routine

Dogs and cats, in particular, are creatures of habit.

The more your schedule shifts, the more anxious they will become.

If you're in the middle of packing or organizing your to-do list, it's tempting to miss the daily routines with your pets, but disruption will pay off in the long run with a happier pet.

Feed them regularly

Never miss a walk or fun with them.

Give them some extra love and patience: they're stressed, too!

B - Be sure to keep them Entertained and give them Exercise.

Indeed, you're going to be busy while you're moving. So, it's important to set aside some time to entertain and exercise your dogs. Burning off that anxious energy is one of the most effective stress relievers! A weary pet is a calm pet, making your entire move more relaxing for everyone.

If you're too busy to get in an extra walk or play session, consider asking for help from a friend to take your pet on some outside play dates. Dog walking services are also an excellent method to get your dog some exercise and get away from the stress of the house.

C- Consider putting your pets in an isolated room.

Moving can rapidly turn your once-organized home into a mountain of clutter, with boxes, piles of clothes, and half-assembled furniture. While some mess is unavoidable throughout the relocation process, maintaining at least one neat and pleasant space for your pet is essential for a happy pet. It is important to have somewhere they can go when the chaos overwhelms them, whether it's a small room, a corner, or even an open closet, especially for cats and dogs.

Make your pet's space ready first when you come to your new location. Place their blanket, cage, or crate in a quiet area away from the hustle and bustle of the move but close enough for them to hear you. You don't want them to feel abandoned in a strange new environment.

D- Don't forget to call your vet.

Vets are experts at helping pets cope with stressful situations, mainly because most pets despise their visits! They're a great place to go if you have any queries regarding lowering your pet's anxiety. It's a good idea to schedule a visit with your veterinarian a few weeks before you move so you can:

Obtain a recent rabies vaccination certificate and double-check that all immunizations are current (if needed). To avoid having an emergency visit during your busiest time, ensure your pet is healthy and has any regular prescriptions on hand. Also, inquire about additional testing or vaccines.

Since you are moving away from your present neighborhood or city, chances are you may need to change vets, so you need to request a copy of your pet's medical files and records for future reference.

E- Equip yourself with the new law.

No one wants to be surprised by the new pet laws. Do your research ahead of time, so you know what to expect.

It's a great idea to get new pet tags produced before you relocate. If your pet is microchipped, keep their information up to date online.


F- Find pet-friendly accommodation.

Make sure your pet is welcome everywhere you visit when booking your accommodations.

Many popular booking services allow you to filter your search to only include pet-friendly accommodations, but don't assume that all pets will be accommodated.

G - Guard Your Pet

During the moving process, doors will be left open, and people will be going in and out. Please keep your pet secure so they have no opportunities to run away due to fear or confusion. Place them in a kennel in a quiet part of the house or a separate closed room.

Unavoidably, the front door will likely be open a lot as you bring everything inside, consider putting dogs and cats in a room with a door that can be closed during move out and move in.

Do not leave your dog unattended in the backyard of your new home while moving in! Have a current photo and updated tags/microchips just before they escape. A pet escapee is the last thing you want to deal with during your already hectic day.

H- Have an emergency moving bag.

Reduce the stress of moving for you and your pet by having all of your pet's essentials packed and ready to go.

A good way to start is with water bowls, favorite toys, a blanket, food, treats, etc.

To help with unexpected clean-ups, bring a roll of paper towels and disposable plastic bags.

I - Implement safety in your vehicle.

A seatbelt in their box or carrier in the backseat is the best place for your pet. Ensure seat belts are correctly attached and there are no loose objects or boxes that could fall and injure your pet In case of an accident.

Cover their crate or carrier with a blanket to reduce visual stimulation and if you think it will lessen your pet's anxiousness.

It's important to remember that it is not the first time your pet has been in a box or carrier. Prepare them for travel by familiarizing them with it ahead of time. You can take them on a few test drives beforehand, so traveling would not be a new and scary experience.

J- Jam pack your new home with safety measures

A new environment can provide unanticipated risks to your pet. So, to ensure their safety in your new home. You should check all screens, windows, gates, and doors should be close. Cover toilet lids to prevent small pets from falling in and drinking dirty water. Look for any pest control traps or poison that the previous owner may have left.

Don't limit yourself to the obvious! Mothballs, Firestarter sticks, and electrical cords are just a few of the items that can cause harm to your pet. Keep in mind that dogs are more likely to chew when stressed. Provide plenty of chew toys, so they aren't tempted to chew.

Keep your room clean and clutter-free to limit the risks of your pet getting into something that could injure them.


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