Greater Greenville number of homes sold in September 2023 was 1425, which was an 8.9% decrease from the number of homes sold in September 2022. This year's average sales increased by 2.2% over 2022's $370,530 to $378,789. In August of this year, the average days on the market increased from 21 days in August of last year to 41 days on average. With 98.7% this year compared to 99.6% last year, the list price percentage decreased by 0.9%. The number of houses up for sale increased by 19.5%, from 3189 to 3812 this year. For a 3.3-month supply at the current sales rate, NAR reports that there were 1.11 million houses available for purchase as of the beginning of August, 14.6% fewer than there were during the same time last year. The shortage of homes for sale has boosted competition for available properties and is driving sales prices higher, with NAR reporting a national median existing-home price of $406,700, a 1.9% increase from a year earlier.

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Planning on moving or relocating to Greenville, South Carolina? You’ve come to the right place! Over time, Greenville County expanded into a sizable metropolis and is now regarded as South Carolina's economic engine. Along with our robust economy, you'll enjoy the abundance of stores, eateries, residents, events, galleries, and other attractions we have to offer.

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