In September 2023, the Greater Greenville housing market saw a total of 1,697 homes sold, marking an 11.7% decrease from the previous year's figures for the same month. The average sales price for this year showed a notable increase of 6.3% compared to 2022, rising from $362,866 to $385,773. Additionally, the average days a property spent on the market in September this year extended from 27 days, as seen in September 2022, to an average of 40 days.

The list price percentage experienced a marginal decline, going from 98.8% last year to 98.7% this year. The number of houses available for sale in the market increased by 14%, rising from 3,453 in the previous year to 3,935 this year.

Greenville SC Average Sales Price September

Greenville SC Closed Sales September

What it means for you

In September 2023, the Greater Greenville housing market showed a mixed landscape for both buyers and sellers. The number of homes sold decreased by 11.7% from the previous year, offering buyers a slight reduction in competition. However, the average sales price increased indicating a higher price point for buyers. Properties also spent more time on the market potentially allowing for greater buyer deliberation. A marginal decline in the list price percentage may provide some room for negotiation, but an increase in available homes suggests heightened seller competition.

For sellers, the market offers opportunities with higher average prices, but it's essential to be patient and open to negotiation given the extended time properties spend on the market. While the national trend of rising prices is favorable, increased competition locally underscores the importance of effective property presentation.

In both cases, it's crucial to be aware of the national real estate climate, which highlights the ongoing rise in home prices and increased competition, influencing the Greater Greenville market.

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