JL Mann High School Homes for Sale

JL Mann High School is a Greenville county school that serves 1,711 students, according to the school's most recent report card for the 2015-2016 year. The school has 23 Awards and Honors for region and state championships in multiple sports, the student-run paper which accepted awards in multiple places and categories, youth government awards, and many more. JL Mann also has 39 Features and Programs including advanced classes, ESOL, mentoring programs, JROTC, and others.

Other school features and student amenities include classrooms that are fully technologically equipped, one iPad cart, 1 Dell tablet cart, 6 Chromebook carts, and there are 7 computer labs and 6 laptop carts. There is a gym and auxiliary gym and facilities for all sports including soccer, tennis, track, and volleyball, and a weight room. There are also rooms for multiple fine arts interests.

If this school is the right one for your family, there are plenty of JL Mann High School homes for sale. Below are a list of available homes for sale zoned to JL Mann High School. Contact the PRODUCER Realty expert real estate team at 864-438-5050 if you're looking to buy or sell a home in the area. 

Available Homes for Sale Near JL Mann High