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After recently learning that most homeowners whose homes are foreclosed on never tried to sell their home to avoid foreclosure, one can only imagine if these homeowners even attempted to take advantage of some of the other options available to them to avoid foreclosure. Since about 1 out 6 homeowners in America are behind on their mortgage payments, it is important for a distressed homeowner to understand their options to avoid foreclosure. One of those options is Short Sale.

Short Sales in Greenville SCA short sale is a way for a home owner who is behind on their mortgage payment to get their home sold and avoid foreclosure and the devastating impact it can have on their financial future. Short sales didn’t used to happen much back when people used to put at least 20% down to buy a home. In recent years, many people were able to buy homes for no money down, or even in some cases, where the loan was over 100% of the home’s value. As you can imagine, in a market where prices have been flat and even declined in many areas, that was a recipe for disaster.

Foreclosures are not just affecting low to medium price points. There are distressed homeowners in every price point, in every segment of the market, and in every state. There are several hardships that can cause a homeowner to become distressed, which includes: Loss of Employment, Reduced income, Severe illness, Divorce, Damage to the property, Death of a spouse, Business failure, Increase of an Adjustable Rate Mortgage, Relocation, Incarceration, Military service, and more. You probably know someone who has or is behind on their mortgage payment right now, and it is important that you not allow them to just give up without exhausting all their options.

Just like buying a home is the largest financial investment that most people make, loosing a home is the most painful financial and emotional experience that most people have ever encountered. This is why I take helping you avoid foreclosure very seriously.

As a CDPE (Certified Distressed Property Expert), I am one of over 40,000 experts around the country who are helping change the housing market by helping distressed homeowners avoid foreclosure. I have the right tools, resources and the knowledge to advise you on the ways you can avoid foreclosure. If short sale is the best option for you, I will put all my knowledge, tools, resources and effort into helping make your short sale a success. The devastating impact a foreclosure can have on a person's financial future is one that is worth doing all that you can do to avoid.

We were in a situation where we felt like we had no way out. From the moment we contacted Victor, he was ready to answer any questions we had and explained every part of the process to us clearly. He gave us 100% of his attention and worked tirelessly by meeting us and potential buyers promptly.

We were always kept up to date with the current situation by phone or email. Victor Amadi did an exceptional job, and is very knowledgeable in the short sale field. We recommend Victor to anyone who is needing a dedicated real estate agent to get the job done. Thanks for all your help!

Holly & Travis P.


Short Sales Greenville

If you are behind on your mortgage payments in the Greater Greenville SC area, contact Victor at 864-438-5050 to discuss your situation. It is free to talk with us, and if we help you with a short sale, our fee will be covered in the transaction by your lender.

Short Sale Homes for Sale

Short Sales in Greenville SCThere are several Greater Greenville SC short sales homes for sale. Just like foreclosures, people taking advantage of the short sale option to avoid foreclosure are from all socioeconomic status. This means that Greenville SC real estate offers short sale homes that are not just in the lower income neighborhoods, but in the upscale and luxury homes neighborhoods as well. So, if you are facing foreclosure, you are not alone.

Are you facing foreclosure? Call us today at 864-438-5050 to see if a Short Sale is right for your Situation!

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