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Oconee county has an extensive history. The Cherokee Indians were the first to settle in the area, along with most other places in the state. When the war started, the Indians sided with the British and ended up ceding their land over.

There was supposed to be a railroad starting in Oconee county and stretching across the whole state and into Knoxville, TN, but it got no farther than Walhalla due to expenses.

Oconee relied on agriculture for a very long time, and when the railroad was introduced, it expanded Oconee’s interests and allowed the county to flourish through the textile industry.

Oconee still reaps the benefits of what used to be a textile hub. The boom in business allowed for the founders of the county to create more recreational opportunities for their people. Today, Oconee county has parks, lakes, and hiking trails to allow its visitors and residents to explore. On top of that, Oconee is a gateway to places like Charlotte and Atlanta. There are plenty of Oconee county SC homes for sale for those who think this area is perfect for them. 

Today, Oconee county is home to 754,192 people and still proudly displays its extensive history through museums, still-standing mills, historic houses, and the like. Oconee county spreads across Seneca and Salem and is home to a single school district. This district ranks in the top 25 of the districts in the state in categories such as best district, best academics, college readiness, safest district, and best food.

Oconee county is a continuously growing and expanding community, working to make each and every one of its residents happy. There are plenty of homes for sale in Oconee county SC to fit every budget and style preference.

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