Laurens SC Real Estate

The city of Laurens was established in the late 1700s, was formerly referred to as Laurensville and the county itself was part of the Old 96 District. Vice President/President Andrew Johnson owned a shop in the city square in the early 1800s, and is the most famous entrepreneur of the city to date.

Today, the city of Laurens is home to just over 9,100 residents and is part of both Laurens and Greenville counties. Laurens is home to the world’s largest Little League baseball and softball programs as well as the city’s own version of American Idol (Laurens Idol). The city of Laurens offers just as many homes for sale as it does events and activities.

Laurens is part of Laurens District 55 and Greenville County Schools. District 55 is ranked in the top 40 for largest school districts in the state, and Greenville County is ranked in the top 15 of best school districts in the state.

Laurens is just a fair distance away from nationally recognized and accredited colleges and universities. It is also less than 45 minutes away from the city of Greenville, providing even more opportunities for residents to explore jobs, events, and activities. In a prime location, Laurens is a great place to be, and there are homes for sale to fit every wallet, family size, and desired style.

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