Is South Carolina a Homestead Exemption State? Who qualifies?

While you are considering purchasing Greeville SC real estate, keep in mind that South Carolina is a homestead exemption state, and this program exempts the first $50,000.00 of the value of your home from all property taxes, and you may apply to the County Auditor's Office for the Homestead Exemption discount.

Who is Eligible?

* 65 years old on or before December 31 preceding the tax year in which you wish to claim the exemption;

* Totally and permanently disabled

* Legally blind;

* At least 50 years of age when your spouse (who was eligible for the Homestead Exemption) died.

* The fee simple title owner of the property

* A legal resident for one year preceding the year in which you wish to claim the exemption

Homestead_Exemption_In_Greenville_SCThe earliest that an application can be made for the homestead exemption is on or after July 16 preceding the year that the exemption is to be claimed. Once application is accepted, you do not need to reapply again unless you move to a new home or the eligible owner dies.

Deadline for filing is the day before the tax bill would incur penalties. A failure to apply by that date is considered a waiver of the exemption for that tax year.

Documents you need to apply:

    Those 65 years or older who are applying because of their age will need their birth certificate, medicaid card, drivers license, or medicare card.

    Those who are applying because of disability will need documentation that certifies the disability from a federal or state agency.

    Those who are applying because of blindness will need documentation from an ophthalmologist who is registered with the South Carolina commission for the blind.

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