It's no secret that things are different with this pandemic. COVID-19 has affected our personal lives,  as well as our jobs. This doesn't mean things have to change- you can uplift your team in many different ways!

Use fun activities to strengthen the bond between your team, as well as stay connected. You can do this through things like Zoom, Google hangouts, Skype, and more. You can even use chat tools like Slack to talk, check in, or share anything that keeps everyone feeling connected.

Listen to your employee feedback! Communication is key, and it starts with listening. Openness can contribute to positive change. Everyone just wants to be heard. Why not send out a company-wide survey? This will help you get a sense of where everyone's heads are at and get a read of how the company's doing.

If not that, you can also just reach out and ask. Ask your team how they're doing, if they have everything they need, as well as all information. Ask regularly. Be open and transparent. Maybe you focus on the bigger picture, but you have to remember that your employees usually see things day to say.

If there are any big changes happening, try to let your team know ahead of time- not the day of. A change in business operations or new initiatives are very important.

Praise your employees frequently. Yes, they're getting paid but this doesn't mean you should take everything they're doing for granted. Recognize their efforts in a way that's meaningful.

Brainstorm ideas. Pick your employees brains, and listen to their thoughts. Make sure they know you're open to ideas, and some may even become a reality. 

Let your employees showcase their skills and knowledge.

Encourage real lunch breaks. Data shows only one in five people take lunches, and are less likely to step away from their desks. Taking breaks is detrimental to creative thinking.

When you're feeling overworked and overwhelmed, it's easy to power through. This is actually a quick shortcut to low morale. 

Work on team-building exercises. You can virtually get everyone together, and explore your employees strengths. Encourage your team to lead voluntary workshops in areas they're more familiar with.

Acknowledge wins and losses. Sending a note or a message is an easy way to create a personal connection with your employees. 

Make sure to keep a level of flexibility. Irregular hours, reduced hours are the new normal. Send a clear message to make things less stressful and more manageable. This will help elevate moral!

Let inimportant tasks and assignments go. Focus on the critical things. Especially during this time, priorities can change quickly and are often unpredictable. You can even start letting each other know when you're on and off. 


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