If you’re working from home for the first time during the current Corona Virus, you’re not alone. Take it one day at a time! Here are some tools and tips to help make things just a little less stressful-

Start everyday like you’re going to the office. 

Designate an area of your home with a quality computer and reliable Internet connection. Try to avoid the couch. With Wi-Fi you have the power to work anywhere, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Recognize your biggest distractions, and keep any distractions to a minimum. Turn the TV off, and let your family members know you’re unavailable for a certain amount of time. If you have children, this may be difficult for them. Older kids can better understand boundaries while younger ones may not. With pets- set a schedule got walks so you can stretch your legs, and fight the urge to step away from your desk to play with them. You can even program a Do Not Disturb to only allow certain calls and texts to come in!

Set aside specific times for household chores. 

You may find yourself doing laundry, cleaning or dishes while you need to be working. Try allotting time beforehand to straighten up and put things in order! This will prevent the temptation of working on chores during working hours. As you build a system, you’ll be able to start creating a schedule along with it. 

Make a system.

You can use a classic agenda. If a desk calendar works for you and you have the desk space, you can try that as well but don’t let it become a distraction. 


Get the biggest thing out of the way first, and it’ll make everything else you need to do that day seem like a breeze. Set your tasks up, and knock them out one at a time. Assess the value of each task and what has top priority over the other. Identify urgent vs. important. Make sure to be flexible, and adapt. Your priorities can change at any time, often when you least expect! You also need to know when to cut. You may not be able to get to everything on your list, so it helps to focus on the priorities you know you must complete for the day. Be ready for anything!

Try new things.

If your system isn’t working for you try something else. Never be afraid to try a new method or even a new productivity app. The most important thing is doing what works for you, and not forcing yourself into something doing more harm than good. Value your time, and make sure you’re doing the best you can be.

Eat lunch. 

As silly as it sounds, it’s very true! We get so tied up in work, we forget to eat. Just as if you were in an office, you need to eat daily meals. You need that energy to work. So take a break, let yourself recharge, and start again. By scheduling a specific time for lunch, this’ll give you a solid deadline to finish your daily tasks. If you don’t, you’ll work straight through the day and end up feeling burnt out and then binge on YouTube videos or Instagram. Use trial and error to find what works best for you!

Keep your space clean.

 A cluttered area can lead to cluttered thoughts. Your workspace is supposed to energize you, not drain you. File papers away, and limit the amount of things on your desk. 

Working from home might feel like a whole new world. But over time you'll start to feel more confident, and more successful!

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