Navigating the real estate market, researching statistics, and making an informed decision based upon those findings can offer a more refined decision in the Real Estate process, whether you are a home buyer, seller, or investor. At PRODUCER Realty;we rely heavily on relevant market data and trends in the real estate market when determining the value of a home. As Expert Advisers, we understand that the real estate market is always changing, and we strive to stay up to date with the trends to better serve our client's needs.  

The sale price in December 2019 has gone up $12,116 since December 2018. This December has seen an average sale price of $251,673 compared to the $239,557 average sale price of the same month in 2018, showing that the market is going through a slight correction, making the value of owning a home or investment property in the Upstate of SC a wise and gainful decision.

The Greenville, SC area is heralded as a prime relocation spot in South Carolina due to aspects such as the strong economy. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports that the national average for unemployment is at 4.0%, but Greenville County continues to fall below that at 2.5%. The availability of technical, engineering, and health care jobs continue the economic growth for this metro area. In turn, the real estate market outlook is positive and substantial growth is expected to continue for Greenville County, SC. We highlight how the Upstate has taken abandoned factories and transformed them into community hubs promoting business and job growth in our blog Factories to Fabulous- Greenville SC Revitalization. 

Outdoor adventure abounds in South Carolina from Mountains to Seas. Find out more about our National Parks and other great places to explore in our recent blog post Great Hikes & State Parks in SC. Greenville also has a vibrant Arts and Theatre scene. 

If you are interested in gaining more knowledge concerning the Greater Greenville SC area market, we are only a call away. Whether you are a home buyer, investor, or are interested in placing your current property on the market, our team can not only inform you, but also make your transaction a profitable one. Feel free to contact our team at 864-438-5050 or visit us at

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