Buying a home to use as a rental can be a very profitable investment. Some are able to decrease their work hours, or even quit their jobs! Signing up for Airbnb and listing your home is completely free. Once you receive a reservation, Airbnb generally charges a 3% service fee. Here's how it's done-

Decide how often you want to host.

You have the power to set minimum and maximum stay limits as well as automatically block out the calendar the day before and/or after a booking. Brainstorm your capacity for cleaning up the space and set your rules accordingly.

Get familiar with laws in your area.

Make yourself familiar with the rules and regulations in your area. As Airbnb gets bigger and bigger, more cities and states are trying to regulate it.

Create an inviting atmosphere.

Sweep, dust, vacuum- do whatever needs to be done to keep the house spotless. Make sure the bedding is fresh and rooms are free of clutter. Be welcoming, but not too intrusive. Suggest places to eat or visit. You could also make some extra money by arranging airport transfers for a fee using a car or ordering your guests an Uber. If you’re able, try to include some little extras like a hotel may. Things like mini shampoos, soaps, bottled water, and more.

Find your niche.

Is your listing in the heart of downtown? How far are you from popular destinations? Are you near the airport? Are you able to provide any extra amenities or perks? Figure out what particular value it has and make that your selling point in your listing.

Make sure your listing is honest. If your guests can expect noise, if the neighborhood has some cons you need to mention, or even if you have any rules you expect followed- include them in your listing. If you don’t, your guests may feel mislead and write a bad review. Reviews build credibility so it’s important to be upfront.

Ask for a security deposit.

As a host you have the option to include a security deposit just in case anything gets damaged or broken. These are usually charged when guests rent an entire house, not individual rooms.

The Airbnb Host Guarantee provided protection for up to $1,000,000 for damages to covered property in the rare event of guest damages above the security deposit or if no security deposit is in place. We always recommend securing or removing valuables when renting.

Ask for a cleaning fee.

A cleaning fee will allow you to hire someone or pay for your time to clean up after all guests. These can range anywhere from $10-$50 depending on what you are listing. You will also want to mention whether or not you allow pets and if so, what kinds/sizes. (If you have pets of your own, you will want to include that too.)


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