When a buyer arrives to a showing, what is the first thing they see?  The OUTSIDE of the home!  The curb appeal of a home is the very first impression a buyer will have, and it can set the tone for the rest of the showing.  Many sellers get wrapped up in the needed repairs and cleanliness for the inside of the home.  However, it's important to make sure that the curb appeal of your home stands out from the rest.  Luckily, you don't have to spend thousands of dollars to make this happen.  Here are a few easy tips to make your home stand out:

  1. Plant flowers - Whether in a bed or in pots, flowers bring color and warmth to a home's landscape.  They are an instant lift and naturally catch your eye.

  2. Put out fresh mulch - Fresh mulch in beds provides a barrier between the home and the grass.  It also provides a contrast that looks fresh and clean.  If you can't afford to completely re-mulch your yard, you can buy a few bags of mulch and fill in the bare areas.

  3. Paint your mailbox - Is your mailbox rusty?  Believe it or not, this can be a turnoff to buyers.  A quick coat of paint is super easy and costs very little.

  4. Power wash the house and driveway - Dirt, mildew and oil stains just look grungy.  Power washing your home and driveway will make it look crisp and clean.  It is amazing the difference a good power washing will make.  If you don't own a power washer, they can usually be rented from your local hardware store.

  5. Paint the front door - Is the front door dirty?  Faded?  Scratched up?  The front door is the focal point of your home.  Touch up the paint on the front door and polish the knob and locks.  For added benefit, hang a pretty wreath to welcome buyers.

  6. Trim trees and bushes - You can do this yourself or hire a landscaper, but this one is important.  Buyers will likely keep driving if your house looks like it is haunted.  Keeping your trees and bushes neatly trimmed is a must.  Nothing says neglect like a bunch of dead tree limbs and overgrown bushes.

  7. Paint your shutters - Are your shutters faded?  Power washing will get rid of dirt, but over time sun light will fade the paint.  Newly painted shutters will definitely make the house stand out.

  8. Check your light fixtures - We often forget about those light fixtures, but buyers notice them.  Dust for cobwebs and replace bulbs.  If the fixtures are rusty, paint them.

  9. Clean your windows -   Make sure to put in some elbow grease into this one.  You may even need to paint the the panes if they are chipped.

  10. Mow the lawn - The lawn should be routinely mowed to look neat. Weeds and knee-high grass are huge turn-offs and send a message to buyers that you aren't very motivated to sell if you can't even mow the lawn before a showing.

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